End of the season on Ibiza - Special christmas offer
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End of the season on Ibiza - Special christmas offer
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Special Christmas offer
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End of the season on Ibiza - Special christmas offer

The season on Ibiza has come to an end and in the beginning of December we`ll finally go to Morocco again to prepair next year`s season with various new models as well as new bags and a collection of belts.
To reduce our stock we offer a reduction of €10,00 on all our boots with free delivery so that you can save €27,50 on international orders and €17,50 on orders with delivery within Spain. This offer is valid until December 5th. It`s a good occasion to get your Christmas gift for a really competitive price. Don`t hesitate and place your order early before we run out of stock.Keep in touch with us either on our website or on facebook where we`ll keep you up to date about our activities:  https://www.facebook.com/kelimboots/
If you have any questions or doubts don't hesitate and contact us either through this blog or through our facebook site

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Brothers on jueves, 21 de marzo de 2019 19:23
Do you have any type of pointers for writing write-ups? That's where I constantly battle and also I just wind up staring vacant display for long period of time.
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Such a revitalizing point of view. I have actually pleased I stumbled throughout your blog site.
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Onus on jueves, 04 de abril de 2019 9:19
Thanks for such an appealing post. I truly enjoyed reading this.
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