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Sabah Ibiza boots in Amsterdam

From May 1st until May 4th we from "Sabah Ibiza" boots took part in the very special event:
"Las Dalias On The Road"
in Amsterdam.
With around 100 standholders from the Las Dalias Hippymarket on Ibiza we moved for 4 days to Amsterdam to build up our market in the "Westergasfabriek".
We transferred the Ibiza feeling and spirit for a few days into the beautiful Dutch town of Amsterdam.
Before going to Amsterdam we'd already been twice with this market in Madrid in 2011 and 2012, and last year a limited number of stalls to Marbella and Milan.
For me going to the Netherlands always feels like going home. Between 1969 and 1978 I have been living in Maastricht and I'll never forget those "golden" years.
I became a member of a local "wandelclub" and that gave me the chance to know almost every corner of this friendly country. Besides the regular "wandeltochten" of around 40 or 50km I also took part in long distance walking events like Nijmegen - Rotterdam (150km) or the Amsterdam - Leuwaarden "tocht" of another 150km. These events were no competitions but you had to cover the distance within 24 hours.
Long before Google's streetview I had my personal streetview of many Dutch cities and villages. 
The most amazing thing was that we often walked from one church tower to the next. The Netherlands are such a flat country that we used to say: "On Wednesday you can see already who is coming to visit you on Sunday". 
One thing I'll never forget was during the Amsterdam - Leuwaarden "tocht". After about 80km we reached - I think it was Hoorn - late in the evening, and from there we had to go along the "afsluitdijk" for about 30km. You saw the lights on the other end of the dyke and they didn't seem to come any closer during hours.That was just horrible.
In 1972 I opened my first shop in Maastricht and some time later a second one in Heerlen.
I'd been travelling a lot to Morocco and was convinced that there was interest in Moroccan handcraft.
While I was in Morocco I saw many old or rotten carpets (kelims) with holes in which people couldn't sell anymore. That gave me the idea to use these kelims for other purposes and that turned out to be the birth of kelim boots, bags and vests. From around 1974 I started producing and selling them in my shops for a couple of years before I took a break and moved to Morocco for some years.
In 1985 I moved to Ibiza and once again started producing the kelim boots and selling them on the island's hippymarkets. Without any interruptions I'm still selling them nowadays. About five years ago I gave them the brand name "Sabah Ibiza", and it didn't take long before other people began to copy them and to sell them much more expensive than we sell them here.
Even the Chinese didn't hesitate to come out with their own copy, a cheap quality mainly of plastic and normal fabrics, while our boots are made of old kelims, outside leather of cowhide, inside leather of sheepskin. They are handmade by experienced Moroccan craftsmen and each pair is unique.

1985 Las Dalias Hippymarket

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