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"Sabah Ibiza" boots in Amsterdam May 2014
"Sabah Ibiza" kelim boots
2019 end of zhe season sales
Morocco 2017
New boots and bags
Trip to Morocco Dec 2016
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End of the season sales of boots and bags

We want to clear our srock at the end of this season and therefore we sell our boots with a discount of €20,00, free delivery within Europe: For delivery to other countries contact us.

Our kelim (carpet) boots are made of high quality cowhide /outside) and sheep leather inside. Since they are made only from natural materials you can wear them through all seasons. and each pair is unique  They are completely handmade.

 I created tgese boots in 1972, first selling them in Germany and the Netherlands and since 1985 on the Spanish island of Ibiza.

photo contest - concurso fotografico - Fotowettbewerb

Sabah Ibiza Boots

We organize a photo contest - concurso fotografico - Fotowettbewerb, Fotowedstrijd
You can send us 1 or 2 photos of yourself like the ones at the bottom, wearing our boots, until May 31st, to our e-mail address: 


 On June 1st, we publish all these photos on our facebook page until June 30th and the winner will be the person with the highest amount of likes. 

The winner may choose any pair of our boots, the 2nd and 3rd will get a €50,00 voucher which can be changed in our online shop for any item of your choice.

Some impressions from our trip through Morocco Dec 2016 - March 2017

Once again in Morocco - Otra vez en Marruecos

It's a long time since my last entry in our blog. The simple reason: I just forgot about it.
Now that I'm in Morocco since almost 3 months, relaxing a lot and, off course, also working a little bit now and then, all of a sudden I remembered this blog and thought it might not be a bad idea and open it again.
I don't want to start back again from the last entries some years ago but re-begin it in the near-by past.
After a long, very hot and busy summer season of 2016, Sabah & I were really looking forward towards the end of the season at the end of October.

The history of kelim boots

The history of the original kelim boots
In the early 70's I travelled a lot through Morocco and found many old kelims and carpets with holes in or dirty so that they couldn't be sold any more. That inspired me to use them for another purpose and gave birth to the first kelim boots and bags.
From 1972 on I offered them in my shops in the Netherlands and Germany.
At the end of that decade I took a break and finally in 1985 I settled on the island of Ibiza and from that moment on I started once again to produce the kelim boots.

My little helpers

While I'm working on our website there are often some little helpers around me.

Here you can see "Twister" controlling my print work.

She is slowly getting tired

and finally goes to sleep

"Loubna" also wants to enter the office

while "Luna" and "Mami" wait patiently on the visitor's chairs.

After a short break "Twister" is now testing the quality of our kelim bags.

Our baby "Rim" is still too young to work

and takes a rest in the basket.

Sabah Ibiza boots in Amsterdam

From May 1st until May 4th we from "Sabah Ibiza" boots took part in the very special event:
"Las Dalias On The Road"
With around 100 standholders from the Las Dalias Hippymarket on Ibiza we moved for 4 days to Amsterdam to build up our market in the "Westergasfabriek".
We transferred the Ibiza feeling and spirit for a few days into the beautiful Dutch town of Amsterdam.
Before going to Amsterdam we'd already been twice with this market in Madrid in 2011 and 2012, and last year a limited number of stalls to Marbella and Milan.
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